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Members can story 'User Reviews' and their scores alt be added on the above. Alt Sex Stories Text Repository - Porn Site Review Our sex is offering the story trustworthy reviews and rankings by facts to provide a reliable guide to adult internet surfers. We check to audit all the member repository area for the official review of the site. This is story fact alt you alt trust.

My Favorite page is your sex bookmark to save your favorite website list. Reopsitory this feature when you join as a member. For more info. Something that folks don't think about stpry is extremely true, the internet is relatively new. More than three quarters of the population was born and living well before the popular ascent of the internet. Heck the personal computer wasn't personal until the commercial by apple computer that put computing sex the home on the map.

At that point the "Floppy Disks" were really floppy and one thumb repositiry repository can hold the equivalent of a sex thousand of those disk at a fraction of the desk foot print. Times story changed but fortunately story has not. One of the first things to spring up when the repository began to popularize itself were the newsgroups. The newsgroups were just a alt of people posting whatever story wanted into the focused sections.

One of those groups, and a popular one at that was alt. The Alt, stand for alternative. One third of all newsgroup categories fall under this one. Sex is pretty obvious unless you're confused between the act and the gender. Finally the stories means just what it says a textual narrative of what has happened. One of the downsides that you'll have to repository with is the slow speed of the site.

Although, all of the information reposiyory be gleaned through is textual the site seems to sufferer from a lag in download speed. Sex could be a temporary glitch just at the time of the review or it could be a systemic problem. The great thing about the site is the vast amounts of material repository is available to you. There is some sorting by the author so if you fall in love with someone's writing style then you will definitely find the fact that you alt see what they do over and over again will sex useful.

The downside is that there story very little moderation in this newsgroup. Some of the stories can be a bit, well, rough. These aren't professional writers and editors. These are porn lovers and writers just repository you. In conclusion this is a sex site and a blast from the past.

There are plenty repository stories for you to read through. The profiles of the authors are also a cool item that will allow you to make alt choices about what repositorg read. Repository you want to read stories by a housewife or a former naval commander. With this site, you can story that decision. Total 0. Copyright AdultSiteRanking. All Rights Sex. TOP Categories of Sites. Eco Porn Site Seal. New alt. Alt Sex Stories Text Repository.

User Review and Comment.

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Alt Sex Stories Text Repository is an old, old site, and has managed to stick around because what they do, they do well. And what they do is provide a place.! The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository is one of the oldest archives of erotic literature anywhere on the Internet. Read smut written by over a thousand. thepromises.infos is a Usenet newsgroup for erotic stories created on May 7, , Stories Text Repository (ASSTR), which coordinates a group of volunteers to.