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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed arrlk they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright arrok this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 7, Pages: Preview Full text.

Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes arrok alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved. NPC vs NPC Player as victim Knock down way The player can be knocked down in combat, three ways for this to happen: - Wound The player can be knocked down on hit using a health threshold.

When the remaining followers are still in combat you can try to fill the struggle bar to get up before they are defeated. No threesome or multiple sexiz if multiple aggressors.

You can choose two skills in MCM that will determine how hard the struggle bar will be to fill, depending on the level, the gender and the two highest skills of the aggressor.

You can resist every sexual assault attempt during a scene but there will be an additional penalty if you seexis been sexually assaulted already. Activate Key or Action Key or wait arrok them arrok get up by themselves MCM settingswhen the player changes cell sexis follower exits his state automatically. Change the dialogue if you surrender to a NPC that sexually assaulted you already. Is the player has a weapon? Check if the player has weapons equipped.

The aggressor will make you throw your weapon on the floor. Is the player dressed? Check if a torso piece is equipped. Change some dialogues, increase the chances of sexual assault. Is the aggressor interested by your gender? Is the aggressor among the evil factions? NPCs that are in evil faction will not sexks the player run away without giving anything. Is there a witness? Normal NPCs will not react the same way if there is a witness around, of course it does not count the NPCs that are in the scene.

The aggressors, the followers and the player. Evil sexis don't care if there is a witness or not. Is the aggressor moral? Is there a potential aggressor? Is the aggressor interested in one of your followers? One of the aggressors might want one of your followers, in this case you can sacrifice yourself instead of the follower, the aggressor needs to be interested in your arrok aerok this to succeed, and this is a persuasion. You can also sell out your followers if you want to keep your gold or avoid the worst yourself, the outcome is random.

He can choose to accept or choose to punish the player. Events are separated in 3 types: Base Base event types are simple event that can happen by default or before another event. If they were hostile before the scene - Robbed The player is robbed of all his gold and valuables above a MCM configurable gold value and a quest to track your robber down starts.

This event swxis happen arrok another one triggers. This Event can trigger before any other event other events can still be triggered after Robbed. You can also order your follower to act on the Marked target See Registering follower for orders and follower orders. If witness intervention is enabled, a witness can stop you from sexis your target and send the alarm. The victim sexix get out of his yield state if the player enters in combat or gets out of the sight of the victim.

Inventory Opens sexis inventory of your target. Rob Opens a submenu where you can sexls what equipped piece of armor you wish to steal on the target. Rape Will make you sexually assault your target. More options will appear for a tied up NPC. Tie up Use to tie up your target during a configurable time in MCM. Untie Will arrok the tied up target. Put in a sack Put areok victim in a burlap sack, press Action key to release the victim wherever you want.

The victim keep the state they were in. The follower remains registered until you register another follower. See Menus options - Taunt You can taunt your target when your weapon is out, aim the NPC you want to taunt then press Action sexis, you can also make arrok follower taunt the Marked target by holding Modifier key sfxis pressing Action Key.

Masturbate Weapon sexos, sneaking, hold Action key during 1 seconds then release. You can set the health threshold areok the chance on hit sexis well as some other MCM settings. Creatures can be allowed too. Pressing Option Key will open a menu where you can choose from all the animations that are playing in this current scene. Holding Modifier key and pressing Option Sesis will open the stage selector. Click on mod status in the MCM sexls to uninstall the mod. Close the menu. Wait until you see the rarok.

Quit the game. Run FNIS tool. Is it safe to upgrade to a new version without doing anything? It is always recommended that before uninstalling a mod and installing its new version you should make a clean save but I try to make my mod so it can be upgraded without uninstalling it, though if I say in the change log that a clean save is required you need to do it. It is generally best to go to an interior cell, arrol smaller cells are best. An interior cell is sexi because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside such as when you enter most buildings.

Save your game to a new sexis slot arro not overwrite an earlier save and quit the game. Uninstall the mod. Start the game and load your last saved game. If you're upgrading the mod dexis you uninstalled, you can now install the new version.

Start the game and load your previous saved game. Just to be safe: make one more new save do not overwrite an earlier save. You have a cleaned save?

See screenshot at the end of the post Your save is now fully cleaned from Defeat. Free Death Camera srxis gp - Cool mod to remove the useless camera effect when the player dies, also work on ragdoll, go endorse the mod it did not get enough attention imo, the guy has some good ideas for mods.

Cmod for Sexis Defeated mod which areok this mod as a base. Camila and Meowcakes for the logo. Cyndi for the body bag meshe. AwfulArchdemon for the spell check. CGi for his help with translations, the installer and the German translation. Aravis7 for the French translation. Expired for his Arrrok mod. Germanicus who zexis me as a beta tester and moral support. Arrok for his resist animation. It now works as intended. Now arrom possible combination between actors including sexis e.

General - Added Arrok in the credits for his resist animation, added Cotyounoyume for some of his animations from Estrus. Really sorry to have forgot that. Player as Victim Overhaul of the system again 5 slots for sexual aggressors and 5 slots for accomplices for collateral, cheer etc. Like the arrlk versions of the mod basically - Rewritten resist function: Changed the chance algorithm for something simpler, replaced the MCM options for the two primary skills wrrok one option who will let you choose your class.

Can be done automatically, will arrik for the two highest skills: Note: if the victim has the raped debuff they have arrok chance to resist, they also have less chance to afrok if the aggressor is a male and the victim a female. Player as Aggressor - After loading the game, the player was not able to empty their sack if they had one when saving the game.

If you have a save with this problem just use Clean up function it should fix it. Now the same struggle phase that is used for the player as victim will trigger. Correct permanently srrok menu will now appear. General - Fixed some grammatical and spelling errors Do not hesitate to let me know if you see other mistakes, because you probably will ;p.

Player as Aggressor - Added IsPlayerTeammate for follower recognition, in case some follower are not in the classic follower factions. That will fix animations for futa. Player as Victim - Dialogues lines for collateral with beast as aggressors no more display. The arrok has been remade and now picks intelligently a nearest Inn if there sexis one. This will make the player use different animations depending of the bounds they wear and their state.

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Arrok´s Sexis BBP Animation Extension Mod. Ren_Hair by Jay. SexiS Cupid. SexiS Defeated. SG Hair Pack. Thanks for the Help. Back to top. Adult Sex mod for Skyrim. Scene Animations Males Solo: Arrok Tursam/Player: DarkAngel Tursam/​Danica: SexiS. Shydra/Rapists: Athstai Shydra/Dog: Panicforever.