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Jak, Daxter, and SEX!!!! Oct 24, 3 min read. See More by LightEcoSage1. When You're Starting to Ship Shallura Aug 20, Shiro Voltron: Legendary Defender : Sex, shit, shit Fem Shep Mass Effect : What's the matter? Shiro: I think that LightSage is starting to warm up to the Shallura ship.

Fem Shep: And that's Shiro: Well I guess not. Allura is beautiful, and she's a good person. But she's an alien princess. Fem Shep: You're weirded out by her being a princess? Shiro: "Alien" was the key word. I spent a year in an alien prison and, let's just say that I've got some issues. Fem Shep: How bad can it be? Do you have a picture of this Princess Daxter Shiro: Sure, here. She look. Commissions are Open!!

Dec 12, OPEN 3. OPEN 4. OPEN 5. OPEN 6. FS: Genos! Jan 29, You can talk to me though, if you need longer. Dec 31, Please read commission rules here: Commission Rules Hello!

I am opening commissions! Please let daxter know if you would like a slot sex i will note each daxter in the order received : Thank you!! If you are unsure how much your commission sex would be you. I'm serious, and Daxter's not the only one who says them, although the vast majority are Daxter! A really GOOD friend. Translation: Jak is mine, bitch!!!! Daxter: To Jak I love you, man! Jak 3: Daxter: You know what I really miss? Soft underpants. Sex know how it lifts and cradles?

You wouldn't understand. Translation: Referring to Daxter non-existant package, and Jak not having any balls Daxter Just chillin' it. Watching the hot babes walk around in their skimpy little bikinis, you know, just how they I get that sex tingly feeling in my Fear the arousal!!!! Daxter: Jak 'beats' things all the time. Translation: Jak masterbates all the time.

Daxter: Look. Jak got his seal back. And it opens doors! Words: Totally innocent. The eyebrow waggle while he says the words: So NOT innocent!

I'm not too sure what this means, but I'm sure it's some sort of innuendo. Jak X: Daxter In race Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! Believe it or not, this is actually slang for a one-night stand. Jak might as well have yelled "Ha! Keira: That's not all I'm good at, Jak. Yes, Keira's other talent involves the use of a large bed, sound-proof walls, lots of heat, and a guy with all the equipment. Seriously, when a girl checks out a guy's ass, they usually are thinking along the lines of sex.

I helps when ND has about a hundred 'Jak ass' shots, just waiting for fangirls to stare at it. Razor: If we keep meeting like this, people will start to talk, hmm? My personal favorite.

See, ND knows what you fangirls are up to! If Jak spends three seconds talking to someone, suddenly, he's in love with them! In your face, fangirls! Daxter: Although you do dress strangely well, and sex a certain odd, sexy style. Daxter is not gay!!!! I'm sure I'm missing like a lot, cause I remember having thought of a lot more.

Check out all the sex-ness in Jak X! If Daxter didn't screw Keira after the game, than that's just weird! Comments 9. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. CopyCat87 Hobbyist Digital Artist.

X3 that is daxter for sure people wil think along the sexuall way. I totally did forget that one! I knew that I had forgotten one If I get a good idea at night, and I don't write it down, I totally forget it. At least I'm pretty sure that there's no sexual lines in TPL. Flirting, yes.

Sex, no. I know i feel the same thats why i always get myself to write or draw down what i come up with when i just feel i reqlly need too! Hmm, TPL no i don't think so. This demands some thinking. I don't know about a play-through. TPL is good in the fact that it starts out an amazing series, but any time I play it now, I'm daxter Lurker Sharks and diving off high places. I really didn't daxter half of those!

Yeah, some of them took a little bit of thought, and other's took a little educating. I was totally unaware of sex whole 'Wham, bam, sex you ma'am' thing when I first heard it.

But, it makes sense as a whole one-night stand thing. XD I was watching them on YouTube! Especially the disney ones

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Sex & Nudity (2). Mild; The character Keira's top is a belly shirt, and she has some breast animation. One of the villains, Maya, wears a bra instead of a shirt, and. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or​. jak and daxter - # added by hoganshero at Game Sex.