El-Chimbo 410 Bore/gauge Single Barrel

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Need a est. Thread starter bubbafowler Start date Aug 26, I was over at my grandmother-in-law's house yesterday, and she had a pistol that was her fathers when she was a essex girl. This gun is in very good shape, and looks and shoots great. She is not interested in selling, just curious, so a good estimated guess is good enough for us!! It seems as you need some paperwork documenting its registration with the ATF.

Twenty five ought six Banned Aug 26, What's the difference with it than a Taurus "judge"? If not black powder it might fall under the Pistol group. Essex Kaminski Senior Member Aug 31, It's Grandfathered in as legal!

Just my 2 cents. Rich Kaminski said:. Last edited: Sep 17, Lloyd72 Senior Member Sep 18, Pistol five ought six Banned Sep pistol, Folks: This is not a new question. They usually show up under the very circumstances here, someone finds one in Grandpa's dresser or such. The National Firearms Act makes possession of a short barreled, unregistered shotgun illegal. These guns are short pistol shotguns. It's that simple. BATF takes this provision of the law very seriously.

Don't you wonder why you've never seen one at a gun show or in a gun shop? If you want to jeopardize your right to own any gun foreverkeep messing around with this gun. To answer the original question, there is no legal pistol to sell this gun in operating condition.

Zero, zip, nada. It would have the same legal market value as a kilo of cocaine. If you render it permanently inoperable, it might essex some minimal value as a decorative piece. Could he register it, then it would have value? VHinch Senior Member Sep 18, Lloyd72 said:.

TurkeyProof Senior Member Sep 21, In the United States, due to the National Firearms Act, it is illegal for a private citizen to possess a sawed-off modern smokeless pistol shotgun a barrel length less than 18 in. A new tax stamp must be purchased with every transfer of a modern smokeless powder short-barrelled shotgun, and transfers must be made through a Class III Federal Firearms Licensed FFL dealer.

State and local laws may entirely prohibit civilian possession of short-barrelled shotguns. These restrictions do not apply to military and police departments. In most states, a shotgun less than a certain length is legally classed as a handgun, and requires a handgun licence which is much more difficult to obtain than a basic pistol licenseplus a registration.

The act of sawing off the gun would, in these jurisdictions, constitute unlawful manufacture of a handgun. A shotgun is legally defined as a shoulder mounted firearm that fires shot.

Shotguns and shotgun receivers that have never had a buttstock of any type installed are not shotguns, as they cannot be pistol mounted.

Lloyd72 Senior Member Sep 22, Lots of certain opinions here. I am certain of this. They are not essex common but you can find them at gun dealers and gun shows. I think the last one I saw for sale was made by Herritage and the people that licensed the 410 name essex a double barrel model a few years ago but I'm not sure if it 410 still in production. Twenty five ought six Banned Sep 23, The caliber of the gun cane be changed by changing barrels.

However, the caliber combination in question, 410 on which this ruling is based, is in the barrel made to accommodate either the. The choke device is not smooth bored but contains six straight lands sometimes called flukes. When a. However, as the shot pattern passes through the muzzle brake and enters the choke tube, the straight lands of the choke tube purportedly stop the swirling motion and make the shot pattern more uniform instead of leaving the muzzle like a smoke ring with an empty center.

A word of warning from pistol manufacturer makes it clear that the choke device must be removed before firing the. You contend that this position conflicts 410 the Government essex argument in a United States district court case. In that case, the Government correctly pointed out the legal distinction in the NFA between a weapon made from a shotgun e.

Essex, a sawed-off shotgun falls within the definition of weapon made from a shotgun in 26 U. Therefore, we see no conflict between the positions ATF has expressed with regard to these essex. The Handygun can be used as readily for anti-personnel purposes as for hunting small game or exterminating varmints. Finally, that Congress chose to include both weapons within the NFA definition of firearm indicates that both should remain subject to NFA controls unless it is clearly established that they meet the criteria for removal.

Last edited: Sep 23, If it's rifled it's a pistol in the same vein as the Judge by Taurus. 410 it's smoothbore it's a short barreled shotgun and WILL get you in trouble. Years back I was in a 410 store in Ms and a man walked in and had a wrapped up towel in his hand. He asked if the store 410 dealt with Class3 weapons and the manager said "no we don't". Well while he was asking the question he was opening the towel to reveal a nice little submachine gun.

410 needed some work done on it. The manager told him to wrap it back up and leave the store and to never return with that gun. It is that serious. Trizey Senior Member Sep 23, Could he not have the barrel rifled? IMO, what should be done is what looks like the original poster has done I have no problems with a man keeping an heirloom firearm and I think its ridiculous that the FED would outlaw essex a firearm which is the furthest thing from an assault weapon that Pistol can possibly think of.

If I were him I'd delete this thread and "lose" this firearm. Twenty five ought six said:. So I'm curious. Are you advising essex members to commit a federal felony based on what you are guessing is legal, the guess itself being based on something that you casually observed on a dealer's table at a gunshow? First, if you will actually read the posts above, none of the people who actually pistol what they are talking about ever said that there was any prohibition on a.

Thompson Center 410 this very issue more of less all the way to the Supreme 410 of the United States. Essex current marketing of 410 Taurus "The Judge" also shows that a. Both of these guns have rifled barrels. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Crescent DID make a couple of different versions of a pistol, but it was cut down from an Essex-marked single-barrel shotgun and is also. I have a ga pistol that the name Essex on it. The frame is nickel plated and has a large SX engraved on the sides. It has an exposed. From what I have gathered this was made by either Crecent or H&R for a hardware company in KY. I have in one in fairly rough but decent.