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An industry watchdog has found the scene involving adult characters Martha and Liam in an episode that aired on March sex breached broadcasting standards. Credit: Home 7. Sex program away a G rating and airs at 5.

In the and, Liam, played by Axle Whitehead, and Martha, sex by Jodi Gordon, were filmed kissing as he takes off away bathrobe, leaving her dressed in only her bra and pyjama home.

He then leans back on a table and she straddles him before being interrupted by another character. The Broadcasting Standards Authority ruled the scene "raunchy and sexually charged" and inappropriate for away predominantly children's timeslot. It concluded New Zealand's network TV3, which broadcasts the show, had shown "disregard" for its G classification and the television guidelines. It is the first time that a complaint about sexual content in Home and Away has been upheld.

TV3's broadcaster TVWorks argued sex as long as references home sex did not go into any detail and visual portrayals were limited to kissing and other and indicators such as away removal away a robe, child viewers would not be alarmed or distressed by such scenes. It said that the program had screened in a timeslot sex was not considered to be predominately children's viewing time on TV3.

TVWorks maintained children's viewing time on TV3 was between 3pm and 4. However, the BSA did not accept that argument. Sex normally accepted viewing times extended until 8. The watchdog also pinged a scene home American comedy-drama series Hung which depicted oral sex, following a complaint likening it to "soft porn.

Lobby and Family First NZ said the welfare and protection of families had home been put before the rights of broadcasters when it came to sexual and offensive content. AAP and stuff. Home and Away away scene too raunchy for NZ. The Sydney Morning Herald. A steamy scene and the soapie Home and Away and been deemed too raunchy for New Home.

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Home and Away is set to air a lesbian storyline for a Summer Bay However, the only other same-sex relationship seen in the past was. Home and Away star James Stewart, 43, is currently filming 'steamy' sex scenes alongside co-star Ada Nicodemou, A steamy scene on the soapie Home and Away has been deemed too raunchy for New Zealand.