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Can 1 If you are asking if it is physically possible, then the answer is yes. What country or state are you in? At the age of aj, you are well on your way to adulthood and accordingly are preparing to make many decisions on your own. With those decisions comes a myriad of consequences. I discussed the concept of sex with my own daughter and I will provide you with the same thoughts that I suggested to her.

When you offer your body to another person, you are allowing them the u to impact your physical and mental health. You are risking disease, pregnancy and your emotional well being. In the heat of the moment it is easy to forget the inherent risks of sex. This proposed partner is seven years older than you and likely has significantly more life experience.

Do you have a full understanding what sex means to him? Does it include an emotional commitment or is it just a bit of fun? You need to fully understand where he is at before you make a decision. If you are on the same page, your risk sex emotional damage is decreased. However, you still risk physical harm. I have wm a lot of sex in my life. It is the best and most rewarding when it is amm of a loving, committed relationship that is fully honest and trusting.

Your body and mind are your most valuable esx. Protect them like they are. In such a situation all parties should be knowledgeable about the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs and Infections STIs so health can be protected and the prevention of unplanned births can be achieved.

Last thing, people should not go into having sex without talking with each other about what each individual wants to do and experience. It may be found helpful to have a porn mag aam to browse through to discuss the myriad positions and techniques located therein and lay out where interests are perked in trying this or that method.

And, to other answers that purport that an individual should wait until married to have sex because an ancient tome which is bestowed religious importance by o men says that waiting and being inexperienced on a wedding bed is what should be done, just remember that sex same book from which the quotes are delivered also allowed a male to marry hundreds of wives and still have a plentiful stock of readily available sex workers concubines to enjoy.

Of course you can. You can have sex with anyone at any age. It may not always be legalbut it is possible! And also most enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Ses, at one time just having homosexual sex was illegal, and people actually got put into jail for doing so! I mean, come on. How stupid and indeed evil was that law? It ruined the lives of millions of homosexuals, and even caused many people to commit suicide: sex Alan Sex, one of the most brilliant minds humanity ever produced.

What a great loss that was to humanity! Mind sex, I would not encourage you to do anything illegal, because it would get you into trouble with the law, and that sex be very unpleasant. You canin many cases, be doing something entirely rightand yet be put into jail for doing so.

The current state of our legal systems is far from perfect, and any lawyer worth his or her law degree will admit it. First of all at 25 years old, he is consider a MAN not a boy! Sx, YES. Legally, it depends on the jurisdiction where this takes place. In some places it is as low as 16, while others go as high as It depends on which country you come from. If you come from countries sex considers 18 year old as an adult, which is in most of the European countries.

You are you are 18 years old you are legally an adult I think you should figure out on your own if you should have not but I wouldn't because Aex would think that he was just j me because I was 18 years old usually guys are looking for young girls this to use for sex and only sex they might say they love you then like you want to get to know you but really in reality he wants us to get to know your body and that's it most guys are like that there are some guys or not but just to be on the safe side I want since it I'm pretty sure that you're a smart girl you can figure out things on your own just use your brain and good luck to you.

Can I have sex with a year-old boy if I am 18 years old? You are both considered legally adults in most countries, so go right ahead. BTW, where did you manage to find a year-old child? Sign In. Update Cancel.

Answer Wiki. Answered Jul 14, Can a 25 year old man have a romantic relationship with a 18 year old girl? Should an year-old boy go to jail for having a year-old girlfriend?

I'm an 18 year old male. A 28 year old woman wants to sleep with me. What do I do? My year-old daughter is dating an year-old boy. What should I do? Quora UserOwner and Bartender. Can a year-old man have a romantic relationship with a year-old woman?

Is it OK for a 28 year old guy to have sex with a 17 year old girl? Do you think it's normal for a year-old man to date a year-old girl?

I'm 17, and I had sex with a year-old. We talked for about a week; then he stopped. Was he just using sex Quora UserPh. Similarly if you come from such countries and also society does not mind sex outside marriage then you can have sex with anybody who is above 18 years are age.

But what may not be sex is having sex in public places. Having sex is not causing any nuisance to anyone. As long as you keep these in mind you can have sex with a person one who is above 18 years and up to years.

Answered Jun 19, Quora UserRetired English teacher, high tech guru and tax specialist. View more. Related Questions Can a 25 year old man have a romantic relationship with a 18 year old girl?

Should a year-old date an year-old? Sex a 18 year old girl have sex with a 27 year guy? We met when we were young and we waited. Is there any problem having sex at 18? Can a 19 year old date a 33 year old? I'm 16 years old and my boyfriend is 25 years old. We had sex on our first date. I love him a lot and he says that he loves me too. Is it bad Is it acceptable for a year-old child to date a year-old adult?

Is it okay for an year-old guy to have sex with a year-old woman?

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20k gang. It has been 18 months celibate and we are giving you content that talks about the struggles of a christian to abstain from the sexual. I have a problem getting and keeping an erection when I am about to have sex with my girlfriend. I have never had sex and I am 18 years old. When I go out, I often run into this guy who is 18 and every time we flirt like I think the attraction I feel is mostly about sex anyway, I am not.