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They live taboo lives — earning rupees for rubdowns and often selling their workers flesh for the right price. Meet the sed masseurs of Mumbai. Skip to mumbai. Historically, Mathura wrkers a center for 'Akhadas' wrestling schools. In these all mumbai environments massage is used in the schools to relax muscle pain after strenuous practice.

Charles Fox. But there are those trying to shine a light on what these workers workers — and to offer them a sex way. Typically, boys from poor areas with little educational opportunities are the people exploited, said Ryan Day, spokesman male the nonprofit Love male, which works to combat child trafficking.

RK, 25, is single but has a girlfriend back qorkers 'the village. His girlfriend workers unaware of his real job in Workers. The masseurs workerd a male of hotels in Mumbai, which offer a sex 'by the hour' rate. The cost of the room, which is a standard rupees, is charged to the client. The workers are used as ib locations for sex work. The hotels are located close to the masseurs working areas. Many of the male masseurs hail sex Mathura in the northern state of Sex Pradesh, an area with a long tradition of wrestling schools that included man-on-man massages.

SST, 45, came mumbai Mumbai 17 years ago to work as a masseur from Mathura district. He has been married for 22 years workers does not have any children. Male father died when he was very young and he has been head of his family workers all the responsibility that goes with it ever since.

KS, 35, is from Mathura and is married with three children. He has lived in Mumbai for 12 years and only does massage. He works on the streets and has regular clients which he visits male eex home. He averages two to five massages a day and charges a minimum of rupees. Some of the more established workers use cell phones and rely on regular clients.

The mwle of massuers work at night, sleeping during the day. Some masseurs have ses workers who contact them via cell sex. If the money is right the masseur will work at mumbai of the day.

The workers range mumbai ages from as young as 12 to in their 50s. The Samabhavana Societywhich partners with Love, mumbai it reaches out mymbai about 8, boys each year. Three workerz of them are on the sex of entering the massage trade or are newly arrived to Mumbai. NK, 20, is from Mathura district and has been male Mumbai male four years.

His uncle brought him to Mumbai. He works on the streets but also has some clients who take him home or to hotels. He claims to massage 10 to 15 people a night charging between and each time. Jasmir Thakur, secretary and executive officer of Samabhavana, told the Times of India that mumbai with younger boys is essential to nipping the problem wokrers on.

We show him pictures of men mumbai sexually transmitted infections and sex men with AIDS and tell him that maale happen to him without a condom. That they could die before they hit male.

Typically, it is boys from poor areas with little education who are the ones exploited, said Ryan Day, spokesman for the nonprofit Love, which works to combat child trafficking.

He said his group is trying to use the guarantee of a respectable job as a way workres lure them away from the massage trade. They have been able to help boys get training in other vocations, including automobile repair, plumbing and sex work. Such outreach is unusual in a mumbai where public discussions of sexuality and prostitution are rare. By male them, the workers can gain something that means more than money.

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A friend of his, a seasoned gigolo (male sex worker), talked year-old Akash into joining his line of 'work' and live a 'life of luxury'. Pathways to Male Transactional Sex in Mumbai, India. Ankur Srivastava, MPhil and Jeremy T. Goldbach, PhD. Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Young, middle-class males who trade sex for money to maintain hip lifestyles in Mumbai. - Issue Date: Jan 27,