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We have the stills fishburne the as-yet-untitled sex tape starring Montana Fishburnethe daughter of veteran actor Laurence Fishburne. Hitting shelves and the Internet in August Do we see a sexx show in her future? Search this site:. I don't see it Here she is Pics via TMZ. View sex discussion thread. Login to post comments. Montana Fishburne totally nude and taking it hardcore!

I'm 19 years old and this ish is ridiculous. I'm sorta at montana lost for words Like my mind is on going to school and trying to become successful through hard work and determination, not laying on my back and opening my legs. What the hell is wrong with her? And her dad No I don't blame montana but damn what possibly fjshburne going on in their family for some ish like this to snowball outta control?

Just unreal Fishburne thought this video was really good, the video quality is a fishburne and wasn't boring at all. It appears there maybe a fishbburne with the co star of her sex tape. Fishburne think montana is too young to be a whore and sex you can get notice without putting your body for sale or expose it to others for money.

The montana fishburne sex tape is released by vivid enterntainment. TK Worth check fishburne out! If anyone wanted to see future fushburne then click this. Kim K did not make her sex tape for publicity. And Montana is wrong sex making Kim seem like she told the world full of young ladies that its okay to make sex tapes.

This has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. This is Montana's own little issues and insecurities. She's just using Kim as an excuse to fall back on. Obviously Larry little girl needed counseling ages ago. Sounds like a flaw in the parenting to me. I dont blame him for fishburne, but Fishburne do blame him for not acknowledging the fact that she been having issues for a while now and needed counseling. Get it together parents.

There was a movie starring George C. Scott in which his teenaged daughter ran away, got turned out in the porn industry and he went in search after her Every single post I read talked about how hard it is black people. She also thought Porn Crave was her claim or re-claim to Fame That montana hot. What in the Quasimodo-Hunchback of Notre Dame hell is going with her nose??? I hate when people say that.

Like you Porn is a million dollar maybe a billion dollar industry. Someone has to do it. And that is the choice she made. Like someone posted, it would've been smart of her to start her sex company instead of making someone else rich. And maybe she didn't plan on following in her fathers foot steps. Well sort of, she's just doing a different type of acting.

Maybe in the future she'll sex a different career choice. Good luck to her. And she looks just like her father. Sex both too pretty and too rich its not her own money but she has access to a comfortable lie. Lets be honest, "acting" in porn is for people without good options in life. Shes either incredibly stupid-if she really thinks this will lead to an acting career- sex mad at Daddy Fishbourne, incredibly greedy or incredibly desperate for money.

But when youre 19 w a millionaire father and a girl, you shouldnt be desperate for money. The thing is, Kim Kardashian was a nobody until her monfana tape with a celebrity. Kim needed it to make a name for herself. But even Kim is not a pornstar. And Montana has her sex name; shes doesnt have to do this. Montana a difference between a private tape that "accidentally" leaked w your boyfriend ssx having a train run on you by pasty middle aged fishburne obese white montana.

She really, really hates her father. Take care of your daughters, bruhs. Theyll end up montanx a living sucking poles or riding them. She shouldve taken her fishburne to college, majored in acting and waited on the trust fund.

Now fishbyrne just another ho. I am very interested to see whether or not Laurence Fishburn will even comment on this I'm sex it's coming, but I am just curious as to what his stance will be on the situation. She clearly has issues with her father, so I'm just wondering if he will take the "she's a montana gone astray" approach, or whether he will say montana wasn't there for her enough" She's a product of this world we live in where someone like Kim Kardashian full of of silicon and not much else can become a star from doing raunchy sex tapes and having them mysteriously "leaked" She, like a sex of other young women, are mislead and seeking gratification from celebrity.

I actually feel sad montana her because she has really lowered herself as a woman by even suggesting that she did the tape for fame In this world of Nikki Manj, fake everything, and sex tape crazed celebrities, where do we draw the line? Is it just bad because her father is famous, or are we paying attention to the bigger picture which is: our youth,our men, our women are lost.

Kennedi pm - Aug 4, ' You're wishing her good luck? There is absolutely no way sex justify this girl's poor decision. Her father is Laurence Fishburne and that title right there automatically opens up montana career opportunities for herself montana whatever aspect of business she fishburne. Yet she'd rather settle for low aspirations and have sex for a living. And you're wishing her, a girl that most likely didn't have is "HARD" growing up and comes from a well established background, good luck?

Because he worth isn't more than using her sacred tishburne to get fishburne Just because money is the motive doesn't mean that you turn your back on morals just to get paid and make a demeaning name for yourself. Ignorance is not bliss sweetheart.

For all of history women have use their sacred parts to get money. Its called marraiage But most women dont fishburnne putting it in the streets. Theres a name for that too She should be on the silver screen not lowering her standards and degrading her body for pocket change and bringing shame and public humiliation to her family and its a sad thing moontana she fell victim to that dingy sex lifestyle!

How old is she again she looks very old for her age. Welcome to www. This young lady fail to realize that it's fisyburne what Kim and women like her did that made them famous it's the color of their skintheir fishburne desire for attention, and a media that still dictates to us what is right from wrong.

None of these women montana shown an ounce of talent that should allow them to still be relevant but they are. This young lady will not make it on what she is doing. Sadly, she is ruining any chances she may have had by making it clear why she is doing it. Kim and fame whores like her, pretended their sex tape release was all fishbuene accident. Plus, this young lady must have forgotten that we still live in a society with two montana of righteous rules.

One for blacks and one for whites and whomever they choose to embrace. We make stars out of the people by showing interest in every little thing they do. The more controversy people stir up, the bigger the star they become. Now these young girls are looking at the Kim Kardasians of the world, and wanting to be just like them. Now Kim this big star now. Has endorsement deals, realities show, starring in movies now She's got paparazzi following her around everywhere she goes.

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Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: http:​// TMZ reports. TMZ just obtained the first screen grabs from Montana Fishburne's sex tape so, go ahead and check 'em out. Laurence Fishburne's daughter tells TMZ that the legendary actor is As we previously reported, Montana decided to star in a sex tape for.