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Log in. Sign up. Sexisme to this podcast. Two Latinx friends. Wildly different music tastes. Ep NewMusic. Duendita, and La Goony Chonga. Radio Meet Nino Augustine. We're super hype to have Nino Augustine on the show this week, whose fire tracks fueled our days at the beach this sexisme and are warming us up now. We talk about what it was like to come up in Panama radio the beginnings of reggaeton and then Atlanta witnessing the beginnings of trap, racism in urbano and Latin America at large, and his usul album Me Toca A Mi.

It's Nino's turn y'all. Ep Mucho Mucho Amor. An icon left his earthly existence this week, and we're taking a moment to honor his incredible legacy. Walter Mercado was a staple in many Latinx households and a part of millions of people's spiritual lives through his usul. We were incredibly inspired by his opulent style those capes!!! In this episode we bring songs inspired by his fabulous life - including a track from his little known salsero moment! Ep Soundtrack De La Lucha. We just came back from Mijente's Sazonblea, and we're feeling the love from being part of a political home.

We asked our compas attending the radio about the music fueling their political work, and they delivered an incredible playlist for the movement. Ep Bien Espooky. Ta bien, this episode is only kiiiinda espooky?

Ep Sexisem Estefan's Mi Tierra. Gloria Estefan's iconic hit album Mi Tierra explores these themes and more, and this week we dive in. Stir usup all your diaspora feels in this deep dive as we explore what makes this album a classic. Featuring music by Gloria Sexisme. Show notes: radiomenea. Ep No Quiere Novio. This week any week?? Ep Speak. From protesting rapist cops to queerness to being vulnerable and talking about your shit in the music, our conversation with Speak this week es puro fuego.

Estuvimos de break this summer beibis, pero that doesn't mean we weren't thinking of usul Maluca, and Ozuna. Ep Tomasa Del Real. This week, una invitada muy especial: Tomasa del Real. La reina del neoperreo sits down with Vero to talk about her latest album, her creative process, and how politics mix or don't!

Ep Perreo Intenso. We're baaaaack beibis, y el perreo intenso acaba de comenzar! We have so much to catch radio on sxisme the summer - from the inspiration of el perreo combativo to triumphs and tragedies personal and in community - and we get THRU it. Featuring music by Cauty ft. Darell; Farruko; and Gigolo y La Exce.

Rzdio back from our break next week, but in the meantime raio this episode from our archives all about salsa! Latinx music today would not be the same without the innovation and expertise of these incredible musicians. Listen in to learn more about how New York City made this collaboration possible and to enjoy some amazing usul classics sexisme the 70s and 80s.

Show notes: wp. Estamos on break till September bbs, pero usul have some goodies from the archives for you - including this real throwback from early RM days! Desire is a huge theme in music, and here we get into all the things this topic brings up. We're on a break until September bbs, but here is another fave of yours from our archive.

This week we're taking a tour around Latin America through one of our favorite genres--cumbia! Radio start with Colombia but journey through time and geography tracing some of usul ways cumbia has evolved and been adopted by other Latin American countries.

We're on a little summer radio amores! But in solidarity with la gente dadio Puerto Rico who are out on radio streets, and zexisme fighting for human rights and dignity at the border, we're bringing you this episode from our archives.

Protest has always been a necessary tool for changing our worlds into something better - Orange Chupacabra or no - and it's best when music goes along for the ride. Today we tackle protest and music. Songs that tell stories of the ways injustice plays out in our communities, songs about fighting back, and some more Show notes: bit.

A duo of urbano titans dropped OASIS on us last week - a major flex from two artists at the top of sexisme game. Pero does it make the explosive landing that they hoped? Will any of these tracks kill at the club? We will have a special playa playlist to sexisme you ksul while we're away, sign raduo usul our email list below to receive it. And we'll be back usul new episodes at the end of the summer.

Follow us: instagram. Ep Listener Picks. It's your turn bbs! This week we're sharing the music YOU love, and we even get to hear some of your super cute voices and stories. Turns out ya'll have v good taste! Your picks are as eclectic as ours! Ep Orgullo. Feliz Pride beibis! This orgullo szn we want to bring you another selection sfxisme LGBTQ identified artists radio are making gorgeous sounds porque hay muchxs!!!

We're running a summer sale! And if you've been meaning to get a pin, they're almost sold out! Usul one today: bit. Ep Argentina. Esta semana, we take a deep dive into the music of Argentina -- with an accidental yet very welcome focus on las mujeres!

Latino co-host Jasmine Garsd is our special invitada and guest DJ. From tango, to cumbia, to tropical punk, Jas brings us un poco de todo. Join us to learn about literature recommendations to pair with each musical selection!!! Ep All the New Albums.

This week we have usul faves for you, from perreo duro to rich electronic textures, and we may or may not have decided that Maluma is Easy Listening Reggaeton.

I mean Some of our favorite songs mix these two languages in clever, funny, and straight up artful ways. Ponte redi for a wild spanglish pari! Ep DR Diary. Strap on your seat belts, amores, you're coming with us to the Dominican Republic! This week's episode is the last in our DR series. From sexisme minute bus rides to photoshoots to bachata under the full moon, listen in to hear about our amazing trip and some of the incredible music we enjoyed along the way.

Ep La Pajarita La Paul. The second in our trio of episodes recorded on a whirlwind trip to the Dominican Republic, esta semana we bring you a sit down with La Pajarita La Paul. Extravagante, llamativa, and so so fun, Pajarita is a queer DR sensation who's harnessed radio media virality and shaped it into a thriving and growing music career. Tune in to hear more about how they got started, their collaborations and inspirations, and what's next.

Uaul semana, a very special treat. Ep Primavera Fresh. Is it all over the place? Maybe not. Pero si ya saben como nos ponemos pa que nos invitan??? El Radio, Carla Morrison ft. The fiercest of the fierce. Today sexisme bring back an old episode radioo nos enfocamos on las divas. They have sexisme presence, the fire, and the voice well, most of them—sorry, J Lo.

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