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Sahih Al-Bukhari — Book 72 Hadith Sunan of Abu-Dawood — Book 38 Hadith Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will hadith stoned to death.

A man should not lie with another man without wearing lower garment under one cover; and a woman should not be lie with another woman without wearing lower garment under one cover. Sunan of Hadith — Book 31 Hadith Sunan of Abu-Dawood — Book 32 Hadith Al-Tirmidhi — Hadith Tirmidhi, Hadith 11, Dua 13 November Reach Out 6 November The Power of Words 6 November Sahih Over Your Heart 6 November Trimming the Soul Patch on the Beard 6 November Duas for Our Dearest Parents sahih August Homosexuality for the Recently Departed 18 August Duas for the Women in Our Lives 18 August Sahih Women in Islam.

Khadijah RA 7 October Allah commands you to render homosexuality to… 6 August The power of Dhul-Hijjah 6 February Thoughtfulness during Hajj 8 October Top 9 tips for Dhul Hijjah!

Four Things to Do on the Blessed… 15 September How to Productively Spend the Best 10… 15 September homosexuality Islamic Information.

Dua Astaghfar Sahih 19 September hadith How to perform Salat-l-Istikhara 15 September homosexuality Surat Sahih Kahf 11 September Talking While Eating 6 November sahih Wrath 3 August Usury 3 August Truthfulness 3 August Suicide 3 August Hadith 3 August Satan 3 August Sad 3 August Sacrifice hadith August Stories from Quran. Dhul-Qarnayn Part I 2 November Stories of the Companions. Loving the Prophet 27 February Stories of the Prophets.

Prophet Yahya AS 6 October Prophet Zakariya AS 6 October The Human Capacity homosexuality Change 6 November My Hadith of Memories 6 November The Transformative Power homosexuality Recitation 6 November There can only be one truth, right? Reasons of Revelation 6 November Enjoining Sahih Before Fear 6 November How to have Istiqaamah 6 November O God, Grant me a Friend 6 November The Passion to Reflect and Learn 6 November Homosexuality Trait of True Leadership 6 November A victim of speech part II hadith August When gossip spreads part I 6 August Sahih opinions that suit your desires 6 August Top 50 tips for marriage!

A successful marriage: The missing link 30 July Is deep, passionate love in marriage actually… 30 July How to deal with an unhappy marriage? Caught with My Foot in the Sink…… 30 May Nerdy vs. With Allah. Connect with Allah 6 February Emotional rewards of Jannah 18 September An Innocent Perspective 6 September Coping With Fear 23 November All Interviews New Muslims.

New Muslims. My first ever Ramadan 16 July Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alsubeaei 10 January How to invest in a Halal way 15 November My name is Sahih Jiyane and this… homosexuality September My first trip to Makkah 6 November My name is Melek and this homosexuality 14 October hadith My name is Mariem and this sahih 2 September Hadith name is Maryam and this is… 14 November My Name is Linda and this is… 6 October My name is Erin and this is… 30 September Usury hadith August Suicide 1 August Sacrifice 1 August Resurrection 1 August Patience 1 August Parents 1 August Paradise 1 August Modesty 1 August Miracles 1 August Marriage 1 August What is Zakat?

A Gift for the 27th Night: Ramadan… 11 July How Zakat can Impact Productivity 3 July Laylatul Qadr — Maximise the Last 10… 3 July Sustaining the Good Habits of Ramadan 3 July Prepare homosexuality a Productive Ramadan with Your… 3 July Latest Posts. Home Hadith Homosexuality. You may also like. Children 1 August

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Homosexuality, moreover, is an abomination and a grave sin. In Hadith, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, clarifies the gravity of this abomination. Attitudes toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and their experiences Some hadith collections also condemn homosexual and transgender acts, prescribing death penalty for male .. Sahih al-Bukhari, ​ What does the Religion of Peace say about homosexuality? What is Islam's position on the treatment of homosexuals? Islam goes (This is a sahih hadith).