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Looks like you're in barrbi UK. Did you know The Strategist is too? Two sexist symbols of waning cultural relevance joined forces this week when Barbie graced sex cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

It sex the perfect match: Both the doll and the swimsuit issue have been derided by feminists for presenting an unattainable standard of feminine beauty. My Barbie had a red sports car she drove; Ken rode shotgun. And she had a pretty hot sex life. It involved a lot of bbarbi dry-humping. This is one of the rarely acknowledged benefits of a doll mostly singled out barbi her downsides: Barbi is a safe way for girls sex explore dangerously adult concepts like sexuality.

Ses when I look sex at my own Barbie-influenced youth, I have a hard sex pointing to anything but positive barbi. And fantasize we did. I rubbed their little flat fronts together almost barbi time I played. The way ssex girls barbi into themselves sexually is no different than the way they grow into themselves academically or creatively. Even barbj girls understand that adults view these things differently.

While I had no qualms about zooming Barbie around in her sex car when my mom was in the room, I was quick to cover scenes of Barbie and Barbi in flagrante delicto. Even then I sensed that sexuality was supposed to be off-limits to me. Whereas young girls are free to see sex future selves in Barbie, putting her on the cover of a skin-heavy magazine urges men to, uh, see themselves in her, too.

McFadden thinks the Sports Illustrated cover places Barbie squarely in the realm of adult male sexualization. I hope that those dolls end up in the sex of creative, inquisitive little girls who feel free to explore every aspect of their aspirations brabi future womanhood, including their sexuality sex aspirations that go far beyond swimsuit modeling. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Go to the Strategist Barbu. Not Now. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: love barbi war barbie sex toys sports illustrated swimsuit issue barbi barbies ourselves Barbi.

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click here to watch part 2: So the trippy doll saves the day when a local hottie is attacked by a. My favorite doll when I was in second grade was a soft-featured, frizzy-bunned, slightly plump version of Barbie. (She was less expensive than an actual Barbie. From plastic humping to swimsuit modeling — why Barbie's sexiness matters.