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Some people expect great art to come to some grand conclusion on life, death, and the meaning of it all. Naturally, some of the most memorable moments in rap have rap songs about getting freaky, from the bedroom to the car to the hotel to the motel to the Holiday Inn, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine.

I, for one, am in favor. The high-energy, call-and-response party music known as bounce set the stage for New Orleans rqp as we know it. Album: The W. Album: Monster Producer: Mr. DJ Label: Columbia. Respectfully, I beg to differ. Dre diss is a tough listen, given that the gangsta rap legend would die of AIDS only two years after its release.

Joe, John Bido. Not all heroes wear capes. Trust Uncle Luke and the gang to provide what rap be the best call-and-response chant in rap history. In theory, crunk might not seem like the most ideal vehicle for a song about sex, but Petey Pablo begs to differ. Oh yea, and he loves… well, you get it. Even the beat sounds freaky—slow, minimal, but with a deeply addictive bounce.

First the gentleman croons about "You can leave your hair in a mess, don't even get dressed. Plus he demonstrates that he remembers every detail about the last time he and his lady get together: "June 22nd, think I came in 20 seconds. Not to worry though—this time Fabo's bringing the green, some cream, and handcuffs. This time they're gonna take their time and do it right. Hey, sex he'll even let her lock him up. Album : Certified Producer : Mr.

You can figure out the "why" on your own. And while she plays with it, he promises to "beat it like Mr. Collipark on the drums. Sex flash: Ludacris loves rapping about sex. And he does it very very well. Besides having rap of the most evocative titles on this list, the song is delivered with real passion. Her enthusiasm definitely gives the track some extra oomph. Dedicated to the working man who just wants to have a little fun on the weekend, this smash single from Loc-ed After Dark is both rough and smooth as Loc puts the moves on a few California girls.

Before the boys from Queensbridge jumped ship from Island Records to Swx label that pushed their hardness to the forefront—this track from their debut was a lightweight sex anthem that was not only danceable, but also had a catchy hook. Although hip-hop wouldn't really be shook by Havoc and Prodigy's talents until their sophomore joint, "Hit It Meanwhile, producer Mister Lawnge, who also raps on the track, created a smooth soundscape that was like a chocolate candy bubble bath.

Featuring Q-Tip, a brother tap rarely made guest appearances on other cat's jams, "La Menage" was as cool a Cadillac with crimson-colored crushed velvet interior. Writing in precise, poetic detail about his post-prison sexual debauchery, whether in the house or while riding in elevators, Slick Rick comes across like the Henry Miller of hip-hop.

Album : Hardcore Producer : Jermaine Dupri Label : Undeas, Big Beat It's kind sex funny that in the beginning of Lil Kim's career, writers were falling over themselves to declare her a new-jack feminist instead of just admitting that girls could be nasty too.

Still there was something empowering about hearing a female rapper stand up and demand what she wanted in the bedroom. After all, she's got all the leverage in the negotiation when she says "You ain't lickin' this, you ain't stickin' this. This track, from his classic Death Certificategets extra points because Cube is rapping all this sex stuff to some girl's daddy. Not sure if he's brave or dumb, but this track was a whole lotta fun.

Years before Ice-T became a TV toy cop working the sex crimes unit, he was just another pretty boy getting his Iceberg Slim on. Having gone from rap to rapping, Ice wanted to prove he had lost none of his lustful edge when he transitioned into the raap game.

Album : U. United State of Atlanta Producer : Rpa. Collipark Label : TVT Although most hip-hop songs sex doing the wild thing are not actually made to serve as soundtracks to intercourse, Ying Yang's brilliant "The Whisper Song" actually sounds sexy. With producer Mr. Collipark using a minimal bass beat that feels as though it was lifted from Prince's music vault, rapper D-Roc literally and lyrically whispers his way though the song. If sec was smart, he would be charging big bucks to give some of them other wanna-be players macking lessons.

Which explains why, when this seex came out twenty-two years ago, every brother on the block wanted to believe that the seasoned rappers were talking about popping their own coochies instead of trying to put folks in sexual check.

For real, any song that ends with talking about "until the sores start to puff and un isn't really sexy. A year after its release, rap somewhat rewritten version became the theme song for a public service campaign about AIDS. Album : Miss E So Addictive Producer : Timbaland Label : Goldmind, Elektra Perhaps the sex song ever written about premature ejaculation, Missy's anthem was enough to make many grown men cringe.

Fap with her studio husband Timabland, "One Minute Man" pulls no punches as Missy pops off about being an "all nighter, shoot all fire," only to be disappointed when homeboy's hose can't put out her flame. Whether this song was written about an actual experience we may never know, but no dude wants to hear his partner say, "It's all right, baby Coming sex down south, where some of the dirtiest hip-hop rpa been created, Khia had no problem being straightforward with her man on this oral-sex classic.

While some dudes were still getting used to lunching at the Vagina Diner, our girl Khia kicked it up a notch by insisting she wanted her crack done too. Well, let us just say that Akinyele falls into the former category.

How else to explain lines like "I'll be like Herbie and hand you a cock"? Along with Ak's rough rhymes, Crystal Johnson's spunky vocals are a big part of the reason this track works.

Perhaps it's because this guitar-strumming Chris Forte—produced jam was so catchy, but back in the day it wasn't sed to hear a club sec of chicks screaming, " Album : Mr. While some kind of hip-hop amnesia has made most folks forget that this was a remake rap LeShaun's fiery "Wild Thing," even swiping the Grace Jones music, the back-in-the-day crew recognizes. LL gets a few extra points though for the erotic noir video, directed by Hype Williamsof rap chilling at the peep show.

Real film fans know it was a sampled from Wim Wender's film Paris, Texasbut it was still hotter than a aex stripper's thighs. James Place, the fat man known as the Notorious B. Who can be mad at a dude whose idea of foreplay is sparking bluts and, "finger fuckin' in the park. Featuring fellow freak R.

Kelly singing the "winin' and dining" hook, this Rap track is pure waterbed soul. Like Wayne with the pussy in his mouth, many haters were simply at a lost for words.

On this classic Ludacris joint—a Bangladesh-produced banger from Luda's Back for the First Time album—the boy does throw in a movie and a Jacuzzi, but after he lick-lick-licks her from her head to her toes, you can bet girlfriend is going to be dropping them drawers. Shock G—better known as Humpty Hump—Money B and the rest of these Oakland natives had no problem doing their thing, "never missing a spot. Produced by the late, great Pimp C. They might've been nasty, but compared to others, UGK were the Faulkners of funk.

More from Complex. Entertainment Home. Follow Us. Michael A. Complex March 22, Trillville ft. Mixx Trust Uncle Luke and the gang to provide what might be the best call-and-response chant in rap history. Naughty by Nature "O. Mobb Deep "Hit It from The Back" Sex : Juvenile Hell Producer : Mobb Deep Label : 4th and Broadway Before the boys from Queensbridge jumped ship from Island Records to Loud—a label that pushed their hardness to the forefront—this track from their debut was a lightweight sex anthem that was not only danceable, iin also had a catchy hook.

Ice-T "Girls L. The Notorious B. Kelly "! What to Read Next. Yahoo Celebrity. Entertainment Tonight. Yahoo Music. Yahoo Movies. Yahoo Entertainment. Yahoo Celebrity US. Entertainment Tonight Videos. Yahoo TV. Entertainment Weekly.

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Below, we've compiled 50 of rap's greatest sex anthems, spread across more than three decades. You might want to have your headphones on. Dirty rap, porno rap, porn rap, sex rap, booty rap, or pornocore is a subgenre of hip hop music that contains lyrical content revolving mainly around sexually. Sex Rap Volume 1 by DJ Raze & The Genevan Heathen, released 28 April 1. Side A 2. Side B Perverts and rap connoisseurs rejoice! We Release.