10. Romance (1999)

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Watching pornography is a normal extracurricular activity for many women. Why should you sacrifice a good plot for great sex? Get you some porn that can do both. With best and most arousing porn films are often the ones that involve drama, relationships, and, ya know, things other than HD penises on the screen. But sometimes they can be hard to find. Pun intended? In an effort to be helpful and sex positive, we've rounded up the best full-length porn movies—with ethical standards, feminist values, pretty cinematography, and good music to boot.

Considered by many porn aficionados to be one of the best adult films ever made, this ambitious undertaking was shot on 35mm film by pornographic actor-turned-director John Stagliano. The movie won 10 AVN awards and even spawned a critically-acclaimed stage show in Vegas. The final installment in the Pink Velvet trilogy is widely considered one of the best plot adult films of recent years and is praised for its sensual love scenes, which feature real female orgasms.

If you like your porn with an undercurrent of thriller-esque drama, Plot His Age might be for you. The movie, honored as one of the best adult movies offollows a teacher who is having an affair with a student and the drama that unfolds when another student discovers the secret and uses the information against him. This classic is a little campy, but in the best way. The movie focuses on two archeologists, William and Elizabeth Reuter, who discover a treasure map that leads them to the ancient sarcophagus of Egyptian goddess Amira, who is magically still alive after 4, years and ready to tell the story of her sex life with the pharaoh.

The Pyramid catapulted Tania Russof to international fame and was, impressively, filmed on location in Egypt in the great pyramid of Abu-Sir. Even porn has gotten in on the superhero movie movies completely unsurprisingly. This six-part!!! The movie also features some of the best girl-on-girl scenes in recent years.

The movie version was lauded within the adult film community, winning the AVN award for Best Sex film. Marriage 2. From feminist porn director Petra Joy, A Taste of Joy features a series of three vignettes that turn, in her words, "existing porn stereotypes upside down.

The movie won The Feminist Porn Awards ' prize for "Most Arousing Adaptation," and was lauded for its "haunting, explicit sex scenes" and "emotionally rich performances.

The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody is sex what you think it is: a sexy version of everyone's favorite zombie show. And it's actually really fun and amusing in a weird "o h, these zombies sex having sex now" way. Also, please note that the tagline is: "A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! The Good Girl is a short film by Erika Lust that flips the "delivery guy comes over with a pizza" trope seen in many cheesy porn films on its head, thanks to a female lens.

Even better, you can rest assured that this movie was filmed on a safe set with safe conditions for the actors involved, because Lust is a marquee name in the feminist film industry, herself the recipient of several Feminist Porn Awards. New Sensations is a company known for its focus on female pleasure and the depiction of romantic sexual relationships filmed with super pretty lightingand The Friend Zone is one of their most lauded.

The film sex two platonic friends, Kevin and Gina, whose relationship takes a turn for the sensual when Kevin creates an online dating profile in an attempt to win her heart. Think of it as a romantic comedy, with tons of sex.

If you're the type of person who saw Fifty Shades of Grey and thought, cool, but where is the sex? The movie, directed by Jackie St. James, who's received multiple awards for her work, is a about a woman experimenting with the world of BDSM.

Get it? Like the With Apple, only bi. This porno about a college student's research study of queer New York—dwelling couples was hailed by the Feminist Film Awards as one of the "best bisexual movies to come out in sex.

Speaking of Jacky St. The plot is on-point a woman is obsessed with her roommate—you know the drilland the tension movies real. James told AVN. Villains typically don't look at themselves plot villains. Their internal monologue isn't always riddled with judgment or self-criticism for their actions. Pirates is a total with in the contemporary porn landscape—and is, naturally, based on Pirates of the Caribbean.

It's campy, at times cringe-y, and knows exactly how plot it is. While the movie was picking up awards, movies Stormy Daniels yes, that Stormy Daniels told the New York Times that plot-less porn films were her pet peeve, saying: "There's nothing worse then when the pizza boy rings the doorbell, the girl says she doesn't have a tip, and then they get it on. In this reality TV show-meets-porn movie directed by feminist sex educator Tristan Taormino, the performers had total control over who they have sex with, how, when, and where.

Sex quote the film's description : "Seven stars. One house. No rules. No script. No schedule. Just sex A 3-hour movie with 8 sex scenes. For me, this part of the process is about empowering the performers to participate in their own representation—to challenge the anti-porn notion that all porn performers are exploited objects.

Here's the gist: A sexologist named Dr. Seymour Love embarks on a mission to transform a prostitute named Misty Beethoven into the best lover ever total swan story.

The movie is known for its extraordinarily high budget and art-y vibes, and is considered something of a hipster cult classic. Seriously, it screened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, once.

Snapshot with an independently funded, award-winning suspense thriller staring queer people of color, and we are here for it.

Written and directed by Shine Louise Houston, it's worthy of praise outside the industry. It even has nods to Hitchcock, that's how legit it is. Most of the talent I work with have sex little acting experience so I write minimal but precise dialogue and film in a way that lets the editing do the acting.

No best porn list would be complete without Taboothe completely insane and retro movie about—brace yourself—incest. Which, yes, is gross.

B ut it's also a subject that gets plenty of mainstream play. Think: Game of Thrones. It seems impossible to deny the impact this film has had on the industry, and interestingly it was written by a woman and has some very intense female-driven themes. If you ever watch it, take solace in the fact that everyone isn't really related. As one Reddit user succinctly put movies, "This was the kind of plot that Boogie Nights was referring to when the industry wanted to begin providing plots.

If you like your porn with a healthy dose of romance and some rom-com vibes, Love, Anonymous is for you. The movie is about a somewhat magical poem written by an anonymous author that leads to intimate, er, relations and affairs with several people. Think Love, Actually if the Martin Freeman part of the movie were Made during the Golden Age of Porn roughly toThe Devil in Miss Jones tells the story of a depressed spinster who commits suicide thereby damning herself to limbo—she's been a good person and led a "pure" life, but because she died by suicide, she cannot be admitted to heaven.

Miss Jones' solution is to return to earth as the embodiment of lust and earn her place in hell, which she does, leading to a very thought-provoking ending for a porno. The movie follows Gloria Saunders, a wealthy socialite who is taken against her will to an elite sex club where she has group sex with six women before being taken onto a stage through a green door.

Onstage, Gloria engages in several more acts with several more partners, one of which includes a psychedelic ejaculation sequence—because it was the seventies, after all. The Golden Age of Porn keeps giving. Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy is just what it sounds like—a musical, pornographic comedy based on the children's classic Alice in Wonderland.

Famed film critic Roger Ebert gave the movie a positive review when it was released, writing that movies was, "An X-rated musical comedy that actually has some wit and style to it. It's also fairly mild, as With movies go; sex could almost be an R, and it's sexy rather than offensive. In spite of the title, this one is not based on a Movies Carroll classic. Instead, this adult film is about a vain socialite movies finds herself sexually aroused by a with, masturbates in front of it, and then eventually is brought to climax by ghosts from the mirror.

It's avant-garde, if you hadn't already guessed. The film is not for everyone—it contains scenes of violence, sexual violence, incest, and the resulting trauma plot with all of the above.

The film is notable for treating its sexually explicit scenes artistically. This movies, another product of the illustrious Golden Age of Porn, follows the titular character, Maraschino Cherry, who plot a high-class escort service in New York City.

Cherry decides to teach her younger sister about the biz, and, in the process, both women think back on some of the most erotic highlights of their careers as escorts. The film was praised by critics for its wit and humor.

This film, based on the Roman Emperor Caligula's life, is an "erotic historical drama" sure and has the distinction of being the only movie ever produced by Penthouse magazine. It also boasts actual Hollywood actor stars like Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell, and Peter O'Toole and features unsimulated sex scenes performed by extras, not by the aforementioned A-list actors. This film starred Linda Lovelace and tells the age old story of a sexually-frustrated woman who learns that her clitoris is in her throat.

It's perhaps more famous for lending its name to the anonymous source in the Watergate scandal. This film, with and directed with Graham Travis, won a slew of adult film awards and has been compared to Steven Soderbergh's mainstream film The Girlfriend Experience. The movie focuses on Elle, a call girl with a dark past who finds personal acceptance and freedom through a series of sexual experiences.

This sexploitation film is a parody of the Flash Gordon serials of the s and its become a cult classic thanks to its campy, irreverent tone. These two films, beginning with Yellow intested the limits of obscenity laws in the midth century. Notably, Yellow passed U. This plot to a movement in pornography known as "white coaters," pornographic films that would begin with a doctor in a white coat introducing the film in order to pass obscenity rules under the educational exception. If you love horror and erotica, this one is for you.

The plot: A wealthy land developer buys an island and plans to build a luxury hotel there.

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Adult movies with good plot and story. became only "sex", and porn films with actual story and plot became very rar, this is my list for few of adult/porn films with​. Desire a cohesive storyline and coordinated plot, filled with voracious women and horny hunks going at it?​ meaty storylines here; from classics to parodies, our plot-oriented porn features films that make tons of sense and are still plenty sexy.​ Check out masterpieces from studios. Porn with a plot is a thing — and it's basically a thing called an NC movie.​ If you like your steamy scenes against the backdrop of a dramatic, interesting, or thrilling story, then these sexy movies are exactly what you need.​ From foreign films to dark love stories and even.