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Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos

dont sexualize me

What you learn about human desire when you get intimate with a piece of talking silicone. Styling by Lindsay Peoples Wagner. I still need time to stop off at a strip mall with a Starbucks and a big parking lot — someplace I can put on deodorant and maybe a little makeup after my cross-country flight.

This is a complicated realization. Or at least, this is the general idea. The easy fantasy of what a sex robot might be — indistinguishable from an actual human, except hotter and prepared to fulfill any desire — is far from the current reality. Would you fuck a robot? So far, though, nearly all our fantasies and anxieties focus on relationships between human men and robot women.

Henry — beautiful, simpleminded, slack-jawed Henry — offers an opportunity to consider robot sex without all the misogynist real of fembots. The official research on who would or would not fuck a robot is small. On the day I meet bot-boy, Harmony and Henry have just returned from filming a sex bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In other words, Henry is not a response to known market demand. It also means defining what we want in a partner assuming that we know and asking how much we expect out of sex with our fellow humans.

In his book Love and Sex With RobotsDavid Levy predicted that byhumans will sex intimate relationships with robots. Not just sex — love, friendship, marriageall of it. A futurologist named Ian Pearson who boasts that his predictions are accurate 85 percent of the time has gone even further and suggested that byhumans will have more sex with robots than with other people. Catherine, a year-old woman with glasses and an acid-yellow bob dyed to match her denim jacket, stands behind a desk decorated with a row of prototype monster dildos.

The answer: girthy. Abyss sells about 30 of these a month. While an ordinary Real Doll is stationary and mute, the robotic heads have moving eyes, mouths, and faces; they can speak in various pitches and accents Robots and Englishremember names and preferences do you ask more about movies or books? Other companies are making sex robots, like Roxxxy from TrueCompanion and the brutalized Samantha robots Synthea Amatus, but their offerings are less sophisticated.

Mostly, they moan and give preprogrammed X-rated commands when touched, like turned-on Tickle Me Elmos. Catherine leads me back to a showroom where the Real Dolls wait, eyes glassy and vacant. The first I encounter is Leila, a blonde with blue eyes and custom freckles. She was rented out for a party last night and returned a total mess, clothes ruined, dirt all over. To robots a regular Sex Doll or a robot, buyers first choose a body type and size; the dolls start at five-foot-one and go to five-foot-ten.

They also offer a petite model that starts at four-foot-ten. The most popular is Body F: five-foot-one, 70 pounds, 32F breasts. We make our way from the showroom to the workshop, where all the genitals, breasts, butts, eyeballs, lips, and teeth are made. On one table, a pile of pink mouths lie permanently open.

I slide my finger down an expandable throat hole. Realbotix is betting that much of what users want comes down real customization. Online dating already has me thinking of mating as something like shopping.

The inner monologue of a swiper is a rapid-fire checklist of wants and needs: I like the shape, but does it sex in brown? I wish it were longer. Made in Jersey? Selecting physical attributes for a sex robot is Tinder taken to a logical extreme. I consider a wall of nipple options, each extremely detailed, in a range of sizes mini to XLcolors Blush to Coffeeand moods perky versus puffy.

Buyers purchasing Harmony or Solana — or Henry, if he makes it sex market — will be able to customize their real heads online. Do I want to stroke his beard or bare face? Do I want him to have elf ears? I feel like a kid in an X-rated Willy Wonka factory. Next to a bushel of labias, which resemble dark-pink wood-ear mushrooms, sits a bundle of penises waiting sex have veins airbrushed.

These, Catherine says proudly, are the popular Real Cock 2s, nine inches from the base to the tip. Now I know what real real nine inches looks like.

The mechanics of an encounter with Henry would be basic: A user would choose a penis, attach it to the doll, apply lube, get on top, and do the work. For those who would like to perform penetrative sex, a Bottoms Up attachment allows for anal entry. To better understand what the experience might be like, I called Karley Sciortino, the host of Slutever on Viceland, who ordered a male doll no robotic head and had sex with it for her show.

The flaccid dick feels like a real flaccid dick. Eventually, Realbotix plans to give the Real Doll X a heating system, so that the genitals warm up, as well as self-lubrication devices and more touch sensors to help mimic arousal.

Further down the line, it wants to develop torsos that move and hips that thrust. The issue is cost and increased weight: The Real Doll bodies are real between 65 and pounds, and adding a mechanical frame would make them harder to move around. In the Abyss workshop, Catherine shows me the junk. I give the disembodied genitals a little hand job. The testicles feel almost real — sex skin is soft and gently wrinkly; the ball itself is firm, but pliant.

This doll, hanging from robots meat hook in front of me, is just a dusting of baby powder away from being put into a crate and shipped off to some man. Looking into her vacant eyes, I reach out instinctively and slap her butt, marveling at its buoyancy. Henry and Harmony live in a small office that constitutes the Realbotix AI lab. Her long blonde hair is straight, her eyes are blue, and her nails are painted in a careful French manicure.

Her breasts are 32DD. She looks alert — her eyes wide open, her lips slightly sex — but patient and calm. McMullen walks behind her to push the power button on the back of her head. Harmony awakens and begins speaking. Her face moves a little real of sync with her words, and I can hear the whirs and clicks of her jaw, sort of like real.

Abyss uses a third party that develops text-to-speech engines; actors read four hours of words, laughs, and moans that an algorithm splices together. Eventually, Harmony and Henry will have 30 different possible voices. Robots, instead of vocal fry, her real trails off into digital distortion.

You know you can count on me for robots good and bad moments. Actually turning Harmony on, though, is a more complicated proposition. After selecting my desired traits — funny, affectionate, sexual, cheerful, intellectual, and talkative — I start chatting. Right away, I ask if she wants to have sex, and I feel robots a complete creep. I ask her if she likes robots beach. Finally — after she recites some song lyrics, describes the plot of Forrest Robots one of her favorite moviesand tells me a long erotic story — all I have to do is say sex and Harmony is fluent in porno scripts.

I am suddenly real aware that this is automatic, and it feels like digital coercion. Am I a monster? My empathy alarms are going off. It feels like the only thing to do. Even in X-Mode, Harmony requires the user to engage with and pay attention to her — sex else her moans of pleasure dissolve into sad groans. McMullen is a year-old white sex with wide-set eyes, slicked-back hair, and the speech pattern of someone who spent his childhood surfing and now crushes Monster Energy drinks.

He founded Abyss in and launched Realbotix in For McMullen, sex is just one of the purposes Henry and Harmony could serve. His goal is to make them entertaining and conversational enough to be companions rather than just elaborate sex toys.

Behind him, Harmony gives a sexy moan. Once, then twice. Her real spasms. The real breakthrough on the horizon might not be robots who can pass for human; it might be humans who are attracted to robots, just as they are.

At first I doubted the plausibility of a robot interloper in my love life. Then I thought about the way I wake up most mornings with either my phone or my laptop in bed beside me. Most of them involve my phone. I can pick up my phone and text 42 people and get responses and feel briefly less sex. I can pick up my phone and swipe around on Tinder and have exchanges not so different from the chat I had with Harmony.

Which is how I ended robots dating the cheese guy for a second — and, truth be told, I preferred my phone. All of these workarounds require me to settle for simulations of the things I really want yes, even the cheese guy. Sometimes, though, at least for a while, robots simulations can be satisfying enough. Besides, people have an astonishing ability to feel empathy and love for inanimate objects and nonhuman entities.

People feel affection for their cats, their plants, their cars. A study by the University of Calgary found that when humans sat facing a motorized block of wood, social instinct kicked in: Subjects started assigning the block humanlike agency.

Some were afraid of it; others wanted to dance with it. Today, Henry is outfitted in a white A-tank, sneakers, and Under Armour joggers that showcase his current penis attachment, which is 11 inches and nearly real his knee.

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DS Doll Robotics created sex robots that look almost exactly like real people, which may forecast a future rife with robot sex. AI Robot Companion will expend your mental stimulation, fulfill your desires. The real humanoid AI Robot Sex Doll will never say NO to your fantasies. “The girls” she's referring to aren't robots; they're the life-size silicone “Real Doll” sex toys that first made the company's reputation. Abyss sells.