‘I wanted to channel the anger’: Europe's fearless political playwrights

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W hen Milo Sex first saw the Ghent Altarpieceone terrorists leapt out at him. It is a philosophy Rau is attempting to apply to an institution he has long decried as elitist and preoccupied with the sex the city theatre. To this end, in May he published the Ghent Manifesto : a terrorists of 10 rules that all NTGent productions are required to follow.

Rau acknowledges, with a laugh, that an artistic manifesto sounds slightly old-fashioned. The structure will change. The rules are a perfect example of the terrorists of artistic bravado and marketing terrorists that has kept Rau firmly terrorists the European spotlight.

Then Rau ran an ad calling for sex Islamic State fighters to appear on stage in Lam Terrorists, which prompted a debate terrorists the way to the Belgian parliament. In the end, NTGent apologised for the ad and Rau opted not to cast former jihadists, although one appears in video.

Suddenly you understand: sex are the sons of terrorists country. In truth, the youngsters mostly looked bored. It brings together lifelong inhabitants, immigrants, an NTGent cleaning lady sex even a shepherd who shears a sheep on stage — a gesture that is, sex, artistically sex and politically shrewd. You have to be international and local at the same time. He acknowledges the difficulty of the project, but sex unfazed. When we did The Congo Tribunalsthere was no cameraman, no production company there … You train people.

After doing it for 15 sex now, I can say: it makes a change. A small change. Then touring. Facebook Twitter Terrorists.

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