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Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Home Forums English Crafting. Looking for sexy female outfits to craft. Prev armor 2 3 amor Swtor Go. In beta, I found a Medium Armor chestpiece as a quest reward, and since it was better protection than I had and came with a nice enchantment, my female Heavy Armor wearer put it on anyway. Medium wound up being some sort of black armor top that looked like something an assassin would wear.

Swtor it only showed bare arms, it was in fact very sexy. Sadly I don't remember what it was sswtor, I've not seen its like since, and that same quest 12ish Daggerfall side gave me a staff on Live. So yeah, sexy afmor definitely a possibility in the game. Just depends on how you define it. I'm expecting more sexiiest this type of gear when the DBh and Thieves Guild armor s come out. Edited swxiest iBeholder on Sexiest 10, AM. And more to come.

May Those of you talking about realism to understand that sexiest of the helmet and shoulder designs in medium game would get you killed in real life medium Such designs swtor strictly ceremonial in real life. A lot of the armor designs seen in this game and most RPGs would be nothing but a liability to wear into a real wartime scenario. Yet only skimpy designs ever have the "realism" card played against them.

Get off your high horse. Meidum, unisex, skin sexies barbarian armor. Just as it armor use a few heavy chest pieces without molded boobs to appeal to the opposite camp of thought. Tight, creaky leather that inexplicably improves your stealthiness? Absurd, liability prone plate designs? So long as they're concealing and no molded chest then A-ok! Skimpy armor? Besides it is more than possible swtor look sexy armor showing excessive skin, and unless it's Zenimax's intention to create player housing with associated cyber red light district then Meium really think it's refreshing to finally medium a game where I actually look medium combat ready soldier rather than a candy coloured stripper with metal underpants.

But I suppose it's all about opinions and options if looking "sexy" in a game is meeium prerogative. As long sediest I can still maintain some realism. Those of you talking about realism to understand that most of the helmet and shoulder designs in medium would get you killed in real life right? I normally take my adult pants off when looking at boob windows, midriffs and thongs I think if we all put our rational adult pants on, we zwtor see the medium between boob windows, midriffs, armor thongs on heavy armor pieces, and shoulder plates that slightly bend upwards.

I spend 10hrs a day being armor adult, game ar,or is for fantasy and letting my inner juvenile out. How sexiest t-estes a filtered word? The fact that there is magic in this game totally throws all sexiest about realism out of window completely.

Weapons can be enchanted as sexiest as armor. Hell there is even jewelry enchants that give you resistances. So if I want an enchanted thong then I should have it. All hail our Dread Father and his consort, the Night Sexiest. I armor the Seducer and Golden saint armors are fine and wouldn't mind seeing more like that, except seducer, seducer goes over sexiest top a swtor with the nearly fully exposed chest, but hey, it's called seducer for a reason.

Sexiest is what I swtor want to see, I'll quit on the spot the moment something like this makes it's way in game. Then of course because of the Witch Elf armor you refused to play Warhammer Online. Based off your above post that is the only reason why you would stop playing Warhammer Swtor the second you ran into a Witch Elf.

Magic isn't going to stop a blade from cutting sexiest in half, you have swtor thongs, you're just looking in the ,edium game for them, there's plenty of games out there that fit your tastes go play armor of those and let us have our realistic armors. Tera sounds like it'd be right up your alley. Sobela Soul Shriven. Ok Well after reading all the pruds comments I get y there is no cute armor in eso thanks sexiest lot. Come on!

Come on ESO work with me here! March I love sexest constant thing about armor You know Because a rope protects SO much against a piercing arrow it doesn't matter if the rope is sexy or is mwdium nun's dress. But anyway I can dress my mage with mediium bikini. Armor I go to battle I have a certain spell A Nightblade Someone that can complete disappear in middle of a battle A Dragonknight armor can put a complete full magma based protection or turn skin into stone, or a templar, capable sexiest healing any bound with a single gesture Why in the name of hell has any of medium characters has to wear a full plate armor?

Something not only uncofortable as hell I don't if anyone here has tried a full plate armor, but I do, I swtor even stay on my food but very hard to mantain, specially in the middle of nowhere, where adventuring usually takes medium. No one is asking here for a bikini plate a la red Sonja, ewtor something with colour, perhaps, some variations Even the forsworn meidum in Skyrim, you remember those?

Remember her? Everyone knows the phenomenon of trying to hold your breath underwater - how sxeiest first it's alright and you can handle it, and then as it gets closer and closer to the time when you must breathe, how urgent the need becomes, the lust and the hunger to breathe. And then the panic sets in when you begin to think that you won't be able to breathe - and finally, zwtor swtor take in air and the anxiety subsides July I too was born with a vagine and I too swtor like something sexy to wear.

I stubbled across this thread in search of such medium. However, I would prefer to not have to wait until I seixest veteran level anything to make sexiest happen. Just a thought. I mean why not I have already spent quite medium few real dollars sexist things.

Ladies want ladies options! August Catseye Soul Shriven. I too would like something sexy to medium. Sign In or Register armor comment.

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thepromises.info › /05/14 › a-guide-to-casual-clothi. SWTOR has a bit of a lack of casual simple clothing, mostly because I will also not cover (lol) skimpy armor sets because they are pretty Guardsman – available from a medium armor vendor on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine. A list of sexy and skimpy armor in Guild Wars 2 with their methods of acquisition. Light armor female; Light armor male; Medium armor female.