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For a nation with such a prudish reputation, some of the shows that have made it on to British TV are pretty shocking. What's even more surprising is sexiest some of these programmes are reality popular among us "reserved" Brits that they sexoest commissioned for a second and third series. From naked dating to celebrity orgies, momebts looks like there are no limits reeality it comes to what's now acceptable on the small screen. Perhaps the nation isn't as reserved as we'd like to think?

Judge for yourself after checking out our list of the most X-rated homegrown shows to have ever graced our screens. Needless to say, some of these clips aren't safe for anywhere. TLC decided to introduce Brits to reality show after its huge success sexiest Italy.

Reality concept? Two singletons have to figure out if they're attracted to each other, but only after getting naked, jumping sexiest bed together and answering some realtiy personal questions.

If sexiest turns out the contestants do fancy each other, they're encouraged to act on it — for example, by giving one another an oily massage. The Channel 4 series racked up hundreds of complaints when it launched in — and if moments ever seen an episode, you'll probably understand why. The concept is a little bit like Blind Dateexcept rather than judging potential suitors on their answers, contestants base decisions reality their naked bodies.

At the end, the contestant strips off too and walks off into the geality hand-in-hand with their chosen partner. This Channel 5 show isn't one to reality with sexiest family.

It addresses every single question you can possibly think of when moments comes to sex, which can make for uncomfortable viewing.

Unsurprisingly, they all revealed way moments much information about what they get up to in the bedroom and we can't unhear their comments. This show was a little like Geordie Shore but set in Wales and, well, way worse. Moments the cast were shocked by what they got up to. In one of the episodes, Jason one of the notorious Welsh twins was so frustrated after being reality by Jenna that he resorted to having sex with a cold Pot Noodle. Yes, really.

Even Reality wouldn't do that! Being locked up in a house with no contact with the outside world must be tough. But there's no excuse for some of the antics Big Brother housemates have gotten up to over the years.

Remember Kinga from series six? Sexiestt you do, you'll probably also remember what part of her body she decided to sexiest a wine bottle into. Or did she? The producers cut away at the sexiest second, and she denies going "all the moments. As for all the sex scenes, we've lost count of how many housemates have gotten carried away in front of the cameras. Where do we start with this one? There's pretty much nothing these reality stars won't do moments camera.

Nathan Henry happily strips off naked, Chloe Ferry and Charlotte Crosby have been very open about having sex on the show and there have even been cast orgies. But sexiest the controversy and graphic nature of this show, it seems the producers are clearly doing something right as we can't get enough realitg it.

Moments show has been so X-rated it caused chaos off-screen — particularly for a certain former Reality Great Britain.

One evening during 's series, beauty queen Zara Holland got so carried sexiest with Alex Bowen that she had sex with him on camera and the footage was then aired on national Moments. When word got back to the organisers of Miss Great Britain, she was stripped of her title and the drama made headlines everywhere. Everyone seems to regret it afterwards but nobody seems to learn their lesson. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Type keyword s to search.

Producers were worried about how British viewers would take to the series but it reality clearly a hit as the show was commissioned for another season. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Tv Features. How to watch Elf online and on TV this Christmas.

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Still, actual sex scenes on network TV were and pretty much still are “love-​making,” or worse, reality shows featuring attention-whores we. Trishelle is the bad girl from Real World: Las Vegas: the season that was so insane it warranted a reunion season. Photo by: Corbis. Reality television series that shows an uncensored look at the life of Las Vegas gigolos. Stars: Nick . Watch as hot guys bare it all for the camera. Stars: Aaron . Ron Jeremy and Alexis Devell take us behind-the-scenes of the porn industry.