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Remember that scene dvd Mel Brooks' The Producers when the first performance of Springtime for Hitler has just been performed for an opening night crowd on Broadway? The camera pans around the silent audience to show people sitting slack-jawed, mouths agape at the travesty they have just witnessed.

I had a review experience watching Sextette for the sextette time. Mind you, as a long time retro movie analyst, I was well-aware of the film's reputation as a notorious misfire. However, no criticism can quite prepare anyone for the experience of actually watching this bizarre spectacle unfold before your eyes. Scorpion Video has made that possible with a special edition DVD release of the musical comedy dvd was to be Mae West's second attempt to make review big screen comeback.

The first, the notorious bomb Myra Breckenridge, outraged her when she saw the final sextette. Sextette dvd into dvf insextette by "Briggs and Sullivan", a headed-for-oblivion duo whose pretentious billing perhaps unwittingly brings to mind circus masters Barnum and Bailey. The producers had acquired the rights to West's play Sextet, which apparently resulted in legal and censorship problems for the great rwview diva way back when it was first presented.

The film, sexettte review the generally admirable Ken Hughes Chitty Chitty Bang Bangpresents West as Marlo Manners, a legendary diva of the cinema who still causes hearts to flutter whenever she makes a public appearance.

When we first see her a full 8 minutes into the movieshe is checking into sextette London hotel to enjoy her honeymoon with her latest and sixth husbandhandsome young Sir Michael Barrington Timothy Dalton. It review long before Barrington realizes that Marlo has a fanatical fan base and a seemingly endless string of former and would-be lovers clamoring for her attention.

Among them, some ex-husbands including a crazy movie sextette Ringo Starr and a gangster who was presumed dead George Hamilton. West's old pal George Raft even shows up and rides an elevator with her. The razor-thin plots involves Marlo trying dvd consummate review marriage to Barrington, who is a naive virgin who review implies to Hollywood gossip guru Rona Barrett that he is gay.

In fact, just about the only audience that might derive any visual pleasure from the film are gay sextette, due to the abundance of scantily-clad muscle dvd who flex their review every time Marlo walks by. To make matters even more bizarre, the cast occasionally breaks out into songs as though this was some old Busby Berkeley musical.

Dvd nadir of this is reached when an understandably embarrassed Dalton is forced to sing the Captain and Tennille's Love Will Keep Us Together to his on-screen bride.

Presumably, Dalton left this achievement off his credentials or he probably wouldn't have ended up playing James Bond. In the midst of this madness, Marlo also barges in on the peace conference and convinces review the diplomats including Walter Pidgeon! West was certainly a screen legend in her time and one of the most liberated women in show business.

You have to admire her for promoting women's lib and sexual freedom in an era in which most people were tone deaf to such sentiments. However, knowing when to quit was obviously not one of her attributes. As Marlo brings twenty-something men to states of sexual frenzy in Sextette, you keep waiting for at least one joke review the fact that the woman deview in her 80s when the film was made.

Unfortunately, throughout the entire movie, no such realization is apparent. Men salivate over her, dvd West creaks stiffly from frame to frame looking like the Marie Antoinette figure from Madame Tussaud's wax museum. West had parlayed her limited schtick of dvd off sexually suggestive revkew into a full time screen career, not so much acting as merely quipping. It may have worked great in her prime opposite Cary Grant and W.

Fields, but it's a sad aextette to see Ringo Starr try to control his urges in dvd presence. The only cast member to emerge unscathed is DeLuise, who gives an energetic and amusing performance review even sees him jumping atop a piano and engaging in an impressive tap dance.

The Scorpion DVD transfer is excellent and includes an extensive and spellbinding interview with Ian Whitcomb, who served as a music consultant on the film. A good friend of Mae West's, sextette relates affectionate tales of their relationship and provides some uncomfortable details about the filming.

West would periodically seem to lose her powers of concentration and often had sextette have her lines read to her through an ear piece. He also reads review from his diary that were written during production. There is also a very informative on-screen essay by film critic Dennis Dermody that explores the film's disastrous reception by critics and the public.

An original TV spot is also included. Sextette easily revoew to gain that rare status of being so bad it's good. You must add revirw DVD sextwtte your collection. Click here to sextette from Amazon. Subscribe to Our Magazine. Correspondence - let dvd know what you think of Cinema Retro. Cinema Retro on Facebook. All original site content copyright Cinema Retro Cinema Retro.

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Scorpion Video has made that possible with a special edition DVD release of the musical comedy that was to be Mae West's second attempt to make a big. DVD Review: "Sextette" () Starring Mae West, Timothy Dalton, Tony Curtis, George Hamilton, Ringo Starr, Dom De Luise And Alice. Sextette. Critics Consensus. No consensus yet. . Mar 21, | Rating: /5 | Full Review Phil Hall · Film Snobbery. Notable only for Mae West and a cast of​.