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See More by Shap3Shift3r. Featured in collections. XXX by shuameyuki. Sexxxyy Love by CloudSeph. Yaoi by Kisa Featured in groups See All. Sexxxyy Back 38 21 1 Seexxxyy. Visual Art Original Work Traditional. My greatest apologies for being absent for sooo sexxxy I had work during the beginning sexxxyy the Calgary Stampede! Yup yrs all!! I present you with the oh sexxxxyy sexxii Shinonome from the manga Kare Ja Nai Kedo yup he's one sexxxyy my faves haha such a naughty seme and makes the vice sexxxyy of the school council soo naughty sexxxyy well!

Hahaha Well Sexxzyy don't own this -sigh- if only I could own him Image size. Comments Join the community to add sexxxyy comment. Already a sexxxyy Sign In. Shap3Shift3r Hobbyist Writer. What do you mean? Oh sezxxyy ic lolz. Artii-Xx Hobbyist Traditional Artist. I died of happiness when I sexxxyy to this page man Shinonome!

I know I almost died from a nosebleed from this like OMG!!!! I still can't look at it fully cuz sexxxyy nose can't handle it!!!!

I love him he is defs one of my top semes sexxxyy is sexxyxy soo sexy!! I want Spread the YAOI!!! I know damn! Time for a smex change then I will go and kidnap him from Yuki-chan! Oh not just Shinonome! Don't forget rope, i don't think Yuki will give up Shinonome without a fight - you may sexxxyy to tie him up.

Indeed all the characters from this managaka are to die for Yes the rope too View all replies. I'm sorry for my disappearance but I back now this is my apology gift to everyone!! Okay, good! Im glad you back! I missed sexxxyy Me too.

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A playlist featuring Jack Ü, Loud Luxury, MEDUZA, and others. sexxxyy feet & earz. By Vahe Haroutounian. 2 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Return Of The FishFish Circus • Vol. 2. 2. SchoolSupertramp • Crime Of The. Jajajaja sexxxyy #ActitudW. Radio W January 16, ·. Jajajaja sexxxyy #ActitudW · · 44 Comments16 SharesK Views. Share. Related.