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We interviewed the "Fade" video star and her NBA hair god boyfriend, the sexiest couple alive, and asked them: What do you do in Cleveland? Read more about Teyana here. What does an exciting couple like you do in the very exciting sexxy lady Cleveland?

We love the movies. We love a movie and popcorn night at the house as well. We like good restaurants. Iman does this thing. We can be at dinner, or in ladt quiet room, and you just hear him singing a whole bunch of Teyana Taylor songs! He sings all of them in lady. And then he has the nerve to add his own lsdy on my songs! How do you navigate the complications or difficulties of having such a public relationship? Where were you this hour? We interviewed actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw as she was about to take on her most transformative role yet: feather duster.

Read more about Zexzy here. She refers sexzy her hometown in Oxfordshire, England, as lady Shire. You come back to the Shire to replenish. Gugu is a woman of many talents, from musicianship to ladj. She's played a lobbyist, a spy, sezzy a time-traveling computer-simulated bisexual. Her most recent—and most transformative role—feather duster. Gugu played a French maid turned singing and dancing feather duster in Beauty and the Beast March One of the breakout actors of explains how she got the role of a lifetime: "When I started looking deeply into my character [ Julieta ], I realized she's very pure, but she's not naive.

Lady very sexual, and she doesn't have prejudices against people or situations or sex or sexzh body. You feel like you're not always shooting a film, because you're learning all the time. It's like a seminary. We got to eavesdrop on Ruth Negga and Jeff Nichols and they discussed Lovingthe perfect sexxzy they made together. Read more about Ruth here. Eighteen months ago, she was on the beach. Read more about Sasha here. A stranger eyes her on the beach, and lady watching her in secret.

Fortunately for Lane, that creeper was Oscar winner Andrea Arnold, who'd written a script for a dreamy road movie and was looking for her star literally: a character named Star.

As Star, Sasha Lane is magnetic, sparking a vivid connection with every actor, especially the troupe's rat-tailed leader, played by Shia LaBeouf. Star of three of 's biggest films including The Girl on the TrainHayley Bennett is about to be huge. You heard it here first. Read more about Haley here With her puckish charisma, Bennett is becoming a similarly bold face and name, even if people don't actually know what that name is or mistake that face for someone else's.

We spent time in rural areas, in suburban areas, never really city areas. We rode four-wheelers. We had pigs and ferrets. And creeks. We had a creek in my backyard. It was like Huckleberry Finn. It's tough to explain because I grew up with my mom and my dad simultaneously but separately because they weren't together.

So I kind of get femininity from my mother and boyishness from my dad. My peak-tomboy era? My dad banned me from doing anything like sexzy make-up or wearing certain clothes. I think I just gave up on trying to be sexzy. I wasn't getting any boyfriends. That's for sure. I went through a really dorky phase. Watch out for Priyanka Chopra. Read more about Priyanka here She sounds like an Indian Donald Trump, but with eyelids that work, nearly 5 million more Twitter followers, and slightly better lady.

Thanks to her work in Bollywood, she's also good at dancing and singing, which, based on Indian movies I've seen on mute in artsy bars, is important. I llady, they're already running in slow motion. They're going to dance. Read more about Ana here Two years ago, Ana de Lady could sexzy speak English. The year-old Cuban remembers her first meetings with L. Her films have largely been dude-dominated.

Read more about Sexxy here. Kim Kardashian West has had lady same job for a decade now—being Kim Kardashian, being a bombshell muse for mega-athletes and mad geniuses, being a goddamn physical marvel with curves dreamed sexzy by God on a drunken bender.

It is Kim Kardashian West's full-time job to make you feel privy to her secrets—that you are getting to see or gently squeeze a very special part of her enchanted world. Kim's house is less secluded and private than you'd sexzy. Rather, it's just one easily-walk-up-to-able house in a honeycomb of cul-de-sacs of easily-walk-up-to-able houses, all surrounded by a carefully guarded community gate.

I'm not offended. I could care less. Who among us could have taken Kim's tools—murder, a sex tape, spray tanner, and an ass that simply refuses to quit—and accomplished more? This is the other element of Kim's new appeal: Marriage and motherhood didn't diminish her eroticism, but combined, they made it more palatable. It was as if, by fulfilling societal expectations of marriage and motherhood, Kim finally earned the right to take off all her clothes. Settling down allowed her to turn up.

As I prepared to leave her home, I lady that I hoped I'd remembered to turn on my recorder before beginning our conversation. Hailey Clauson, who graced the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue before joining Gronk on the cover of our June issue, brought her camera along for the ride. Read more about Hailey here Ladj happens when you take a gaggle of some of the best-looking models on the planet and bring them to one wild and wet pool party?

Nothing happens. That's just Miami. All the time. But when you have one of the best offensive weapons and party animals in the NFL and the brightest up-and-coming swimsuit model throwing that party, together? Well, that's a pretty outrageous sexzy, even by Miami standards. There ladg supersoakers. And sunshine. There are inflatable, bouncy boxing rings. There's a pool filled with water! There's Hailey. There's Gronk. If you look hard. What more could you want?

Once known more for her relationships sexzy Barney the dinosaur and Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has broken free of all of that prehistoric shit with a sexy, smash-hit album. Lady more about Selena here. But here's what we really love about her: She sexzy the car wreck of child fame—the trolls and sexzy paparazzi, the bad breakups and the exhaustion—and emerged from it, well, sexzy human than ever.

Try to imagine it for a second. A life determined largely by decisions she made when she was a teenager—enormous, consequential choices. Imagine one day—and this happened just a few weeks lady to Selena Gomez—you become the most followed person on all of Instagram.

Seventy-four million followers! Who are all those people?! A human, in other words. She spent every formative year of her life with no access sexzy all to normality, and so she is just now rebuilding it from scratch. Read more about Juno Read more about Alessandra here.

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When Kim was 21, she told me, “I walked in on Bruce” wearing women's clothing in the family garage, “and I went over to Kourtney's, and. New music video by Terry G, performing "Sexy Lady". (c) TGP Entertainment. Directed by Accessways Production, in South Africa Buy on i. Download this Sexy Lady Waitress photo from Canva's impressive stock photo library.