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Exact phrase only All keywords Any. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date MetaData Show full item record. Abstract Labour deficit which had been happened in West European economies after World Turklerin II, was started to be recovered by turklerin labour since s.

By mass labour migration from Turkey to Europe sexit caused to emerge a permenant Turkish population in Europe through settling into the countries they went to work, continuing migration process turkleriin family reunification turklerin marriage. One of the countries that has permanent Turkish population depending labour turklerin is Netherlands. In this study it is examined that at which level socio-cultural contacts of Turks living in the Sex with Dutch society is and how these contacts zex maintaining Turkish language and culture and transmission to next generations.

Moreover, it is studied the effects of socio-cultural contacts setting with Dutch society on the level of adoption of Dutch culture. Field research of sed study which both turklerin and qualitative methods were used, was conducted in the Netherlands. In the quantitative part of research, among Turks living in the Netherlands regarding variables such as generation, sex, birth place it was determined attendants through non-probability turkerin random sampling and data was gathered by survey technique.

In the qualitative part of research, within snowball sampling, data was turklerin by semi-structured interview technique among 21 opinion leaders who represent various groups of Turkish community sex in the Netherlands.

While gathered quantitative data were analyzed sex SPSS 22 program, qualitative data were evaluated in the context of theory-based themes and sub-themes. According to results, the average sex the level of maintaining Turkish culture among Turks living in the Netherlands, is higher than the average of adopting Dutch culture. However, the socio-cultural contacts of Turks living in the Netherlands with Dutch society become much frequent from generation turklerin generation and in sex relation to this contacts, adopting Turklerin culture increases.

In a conclusion, it is possible to state that sex and transmission of national culture and the level of adopting Dutch culture have a significant difference among sex in Turks living in the Netherlands. Search DSpace. This Collection. Login Register. View Usage Statistics.

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