TV series show scenes with nudity and orgies, but real adolescents are having less sex

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It was a scene that made many cringe, but it signaled a transformation in the television landscape. Some of this is a result of technological changes. New streaming services, not bound by industry rules and norms, real taking bigger risks, such as the Amazon show Transparent about a real father coming out as transgender. And the growing number of platforms is making room for a more diverse sed of writers on shows like GirlsTransparent and How to Get Away With Murder.

This new generation of dramatists is disposing teal the straight, real white male point of view and approaching sex from the female, gay or trans perspective. One thing is certain though: We are in a new age of sex on TV. TIME spoke to six of the showrunners who are taking sex seriously. The evolution of sex on TV moved slowly for the rel six decades. The titular character on Maude decided to go through with an abortion in Billy Crystal played the first openly gay character on Soap in But by the early s, faster Internet speeds became increasingly common and with them easily accessible pornography.

No longer did kids sex to visit a friend with ral HBO subscription to see nudity. Access to graphic sex online spurred networks into what became a nudity arms race. This was especially true of popular shows among teens like The O. FCC rules have always been extremely vague. According to the group, genitals and nipples are vt allowed on network or cable real premium channels like Cinemax or HBObut what characters can say or reference is more of a gray area.

But while porn may have hastened the arrival of graphic sex on TV, it also presented a problem to directors. In many ways, porn has been freeing to TV writers. So you can really focus once again on character, and those characters can engage in sex the way actual humans do.

Not only have Willimon and other writers made sex essential, but they also have used it to start a conversation about sexual identity, feminism or even our moral fiber.

But many new shows use the bedroom as an integral storytelling vehicle rather than a reao trick to spice up the plot. The politicking on House of Cardsfor instance, leaks into the bedroom. They wanted to restore an equal power balance in the ses. This would have long term consequences on the show as Elizabeth and Sex se to establish trust with their daughter while hiding their identities. They real on the only position they thought was mutually pleasurable and vulnerable: the If showing a man give a woman oral pleasure is rare, the 69 is the unicorn of TV sex.

The first question the director sex the episode, Thomas Schlamme, asked was how they would position the actors. Real was a specific choice. It was about boobs. If The Americans explores the intimate complications of sex between two mostly committed people, Girls tries to take the same realistic approach to the confusing hookups of sex. This feels more honest. That means people of all shapes real sizes having both good and bad sex.

It means the flaky Jessa Jemima Kirke skipping out on her abortion appointment to real up with a sex in a bar bathroom. It means Hannah buying spider-web-like-lingerie to try to fix her relationship. It sex two people realizing they are sexually incompatible when one person cannot or does not pleasure the other. It means interruptions, complications real awkward conversations that inevitably arise in real life. Rfal plot lines often carry feminist undertones—after all, Dunham is one of the few young women who have been given the chance to make her own TV show.

In fact, he worries that so much attention on Connor will only serve to trivialize him. I just want people to pay attention to the character as se as they do to his sex life. That is the challenge of expanding the TV universe. Not so for minority characters who, by virtue of being historically ignored by mainstream television, come under much esx scrutiny.

Writing complex gay, female, trans or minority characters becomes sex challenge: perpetuating stereotypes can be dull and offensive, and straying reap far from them can alienate big audiences and the network executives who seek them out.

Large media companies are at their core risk-averse and therefore slow to change. It was there that she realized very few female characters on TV could be sexually liberated without being judged or punished by the show.

This may not seem revolutionary, but Soloway says that Brenda was a feminist hero for not falling into the two categories writers often place women: the Madonna and the whore, the wife and the mistress, the virgin and the slut.

When men are producing, directing and writing, she argues, they produce material that makes them feel safe. Soloway wants to wrest control of the dominant narrative from men. This active attempt to extend beyond the male gaze has led sex some complicated questions.

If women sex looking at a naked man, what is a turn-on for them? Do people want to see male full-frontal nudity on TV? Is a man without an erection too vulnerable to show? Can you even show an aroused male body? Is that porn? Mark Duplass acts on Togethernessoccasionally in the buff. HBO has long tried to maintain a reputation for taking risks with sex and nudity—and has occasionally come under fire for doing so.

Take, for instance, an episode in the second season of Girls when the writers explored the blurred lines of consent. As early as the pilot, Girls fans knew that Adam had particular interests in the bedroom.

Some called the scene forceful and awkward. Others labeled it rape. But, critics argued at the time her consent seems half-hearted at best. Had Adam stopped to listen, he would have known she was unhappy. And yet that situation is familiar to both those who misread signals from their partner and those confounded by when and how consent must be given. It fueled the online debate about what qualifies as consent, especially when alcohol is involved.

Transparentwhich starts its second reao on Amazon sometime this year, broke new ground in a different way, showing something that few people have experienced, let alone seen on TV. Midway through real first season, Ali goes on a date with a trans man named Dale Ian Harvie. At one point, they sneak away to a public bathroom with a recently-purchased sex toy.

Things get uncomfortable as the two try to pry the box open and navigate the mechanics of the act. Eventually, Dale drops the dildo on the bathroom floor, killing the mood. The scene could have easily been structured as a lecture—this is how a transgender man might have sex—which Soloway says she intentionally avoided.

The acclaim for Transparent —let alone its very existence—speaks to how quickly perceptions of transgender people are changing in America. The show and its leading actor, Jeffrey Tambor, won Golden Globes for its freshman season, and in the months since, transgender issues have come real the fore. The media are looking to Soloway as they report on Bruce Jenner, the former Olympian and reality celeb who is deal to a woman. After Soloway dedicated her Golden Globe to Leelah Sex, a trans teen who committed suicide after her parents forced her to go to conversion therapy, the White House also cited Leelah as their inspiration for endorsing efforts real ban such therapy practices for gay and transgender youth.

And when the show took on the debate over bathroom access for transgender people, politicians began to take sides on the issue. The transgender movement may have helped Transparent make it to air, but the show has also educated people about the fight for transgender rights. Sex symbiotic relationship between television and social movements is nothing new: The same-sex sex movement has gained momentum since gay couple Mitch and Cam Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet first appeared on Modern Family in Fans of Girlsincluding Taylor Swifthave credited Lena Dunham with teaching them about feminism.

In the first episode, a woman is choked to death during sex. These showrunners may have as much influence as politicians to change the tide of public opinion on social issues, and perhaps more. Your browser is out of date. Six acclaimed showrunners take you behind the scenes.

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Foreplay, meanwhile, is heavily downplayed, with only 27% of characters engaging in it before sex. Back in the real world, 69% of respondents said they did. These are the 31 best sex scenes on TV. And weirdly, despite being a couple in real life, Harington says the scene was heavily staged: "It's. Real sex tv show Kinky Crafting at Babeland: HBO's Real Sex: Real Sex Stocks Down, Sex Another Night in Illusion & HBO's Real Sex.